New Direct Edge Campaigns Headquarters

WOW! Wasn’t 2016 an amazing year for our nation? Electing a Republican President, holding the U.S. Senate and House, picking up Governor’s seats, expanding legislative Majorities across the nation and taking the last remaining hold the Democrats had in a Southern Legislative body—Kentucky—where we were pleased to be a part of this historic transition. Direct Edge is proud of the work we did across a dozen states—winning elections at every level.

At the beginning of this month we moved our headquarters to the Green Hills section of Nashville, into a building that has a lot of significance to me. Now called the Millennium building, 2000 Glen Echo Road was where the Tennessee Republican Party was located during my first election in 1998.

While my office was not in the building (I was on the second floor of a trucking company in rural Lawrenceburg), the lessons I learned from the staff of the party at the time had a tremendous influence on me. It is fun to come full circle, as this cycle will be the 20th anniversary of my first race.

If you need to, please update your records:

Direct Edge Campaigns
2000 Glen Echo Road
Suite 207A
Nashville, TN 37215

Now that we have settled in, we are working on some exciting new projects and partnerships which we will be unveiling this spring. It is an exciting time and we will be growing tremendously between now and November of 2018. If you know of people considering running for office, please send them our way.

Finally, to celebrate the election of Donald J. Trump as President, we created an old fashioned victory print. There were only 100 printed, each numbered. Click on the link to order, and enjoy!

Thank you for your continued support and friendship.